93SPEC – Premium Silver Cables

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93SPEC; Silver Premium EAST Cables. Limited quantities. Demo units available locally.

Stage93′s very own house brand of Silver cables – created after intensive research, testing and prototyping since New Year’s Eve 2011.  Everything about our cable is quality – the sound, the build. The wire is a 26AWG Stranded UP-OCC Silver, 99.999% pure with a custom thread count. A 4-way braid with pins fitting perfectly into your customs using our special Overfreeze Technology. 93SPEC fits both flushed and recessed sockets, and is flexible and light. All of these plus great looks make this cable a must have.

This cable can be used with: the JH Audio JH16 & JH13 in ear monitors, Heir Audio customs, Unique Melody Miracles, 1964 Ears, Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro and UE11 Pro and Westone Elite Series ES3X, ES5 just to name a few. Coming soon would be Livewires, Shure, etc.

Highly rated by average_joe on Head-Fi. Stage93 presents a premium, excellent sounding cable at an affordable price, the 93SPEC.



“Compared with all the other silver cables I have, the 93SPEC ergonomically comes out on top, besting the TWag, Silver Dragon and Chris_Himself cables. Sonically, the 93SPEC cable performs quite well, not unlike other silver cables, adding spaciousness, detail and space to most custom IEMs. It performs exceptionally well with warmer CIEMs such as the 8.A and EM3 Pro and is a real contender.”

- average_joe (of HeadFi, Sound Guidance)

Our initial launch batch would be a standard cable at 50″, wood choker, Westone pins and Oyaide Gold plug.
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