93PC – Premium Copper Cables

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NEW: We are now offering Fitear termination on the 93PC! 

93PC; Premium Copper. A brand new creation by 93EAST. Limited quantities. Demo available locally.

Stage93′s very own house brand of copper cables – created after intensive research, testing and prototyping. We aim to bring copper cables to a whole new level, and we believe to have done so. Everything about this cable is custom.

The 93PC is a cable that we have been working on simultaneously in development with the 93SPEC. We took longer to develop this cable due to the complexity of the cable, from it’s very core to the outer shell. The cable is a whopping 105 strands – perhaps the highest in the market and is in a 4-way braid, which we believe can compete against solid core cables, while being flexible and feel extremely sturdy.  It’s also a OCC, cryo treated copper cable that will fit both flushed and recessed ports using our Overfreeze Technology.


Not only that, we’ve also managed to develop a method of encasing the wire, (w/o sound sacrifices) effectively preventing it from oxidation. This means your cable will stay in its nice pinkish tone up to the near future. We bring to the market a whole new way of protecting your copper cable. The cable is enamel coated to protect from oxidation, unlike other copper cables. This makes for an aesthetic cable that’s both visually and sonically appealing, with it looking the same into the foreseeable future.


This cable can be used with: the JH Audio JH16 & JH13 in ear monitors, Heir Audio customs, Unique Melody Miracles, 1964 Ears, Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro and UE11 Pro and Westone Elite Series ES3X, ES5 just to name a few. It also fits removable-cable earphones like the UM3X RC & Earsonics SM3. (removable cable) Coming soon would be Livewires, Shure, etc.

This is perhaps the best copper cable in the market so far. Stage93 presents a premium, durable and excellent sounding cable at an affordable price, the 93PC.

Our initial launch batch would be a standard cable at 50″, wood choker, Westone pins and Oyaide Gold plug.
We ship all over the world.

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